Expand Your Horizons with Cork & Knife. Explore a Selection of Fine Wines and Perfect Pairings for a Most Pleasant Afternoon or Evening.

Woman enjoying a glass of white wine – Discover new wines wine tasting here in Clovis, CA

Discover New Wines At Our Wine Tastings

An evening or afternoon of wine tasting is a wonderful way to spend your time with your friends and relax. However, not all of us have the time, resources, or knowledge to put together a wine tasting on our own.

So why not let someone else put a wine tasting together for you?

Enjoy a luxurious afternoon or evening of wine tasting right here in Clovis, CA, at Cork & Knife. There’s no need to book a tour or trek out to Napa or go to a club to enjoy a glass of some of the best wines in the world. Just come into our conveniently located store for wine and pairings that make for a most pleasant afternoon.

The Cork & Knife Experience

Going out with your friends shouldn’t have to come with an implied time limit or the urge to rush through your meal or drinks. Our bodies naturally digest food or drink better and we enjoy it more when we take the time to eat slowly, without the pressure of having to rush off.

At Cork & Knife, we afford Fresno, CA, area residents like you the time to enjoy your wine tasting—and our delicious food offerings—slowly and carefully. Enjoy the company of your friends and associates—or some well-deserved time to yourself.

We offer a selection of wines from all over the world and from right here in California for your enjoyment. We're not like some clubs where you need to buy a whole bottle of wine before you taste a glass. Cork & Knife is eager for you to taste any of our wines that interest you.

Let our sommeliers present you and your friends with our best offerings to stir and expand your horizons—you may even find your new favorite wine at one of our tastings.

Schedule a tasting or come in today!

Black board at Clovis, CA store with wine tasting and note written on it.